September 11-13, 2021 | Russia, Krasnoyarsk

Grand Hall Siberia

Address: 19, Aviatorov st., Krasnoyarsk

Grand Hall Siberia is a multifunctional congress center and concert hall under one roof.

The hall is equipped with a chair system for transformation (which allows you to change the number of seats in the hall), a powerful LED screen on the back of the stage and 7 comfortable dressing rooms, designed to provide maximum convenience for artists.

Grand Hall Siberia is

• A modern concert hall for 1700 places.
• A beautifully decorated front hall with an area of 1200 sq.m.
• 6 conference halls for the capacity of 30 to 80 persons.

Grand Hall Siberia independently does the organization of concerts and cultural mass events.

Krasnoyarsk State Medical University
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Krasnoyask Region
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